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PathOr Gamers Official Leagues

Welcome to the world of PathOr gamers league a platform where gamers from beginners to pros are allowed to showcase their talent and earn!! All you need is to sign up and participate .


We are organising daily championships betweeen clans of gamers . Whether you're PUBG player or COD you're going to get all type of championshiop ahead ..Get ready for all type of action!

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Get all your games matches at one place, at one single platform, watch the match streams and get your results in hand. There are many more things waiting for you the worthy GAMERS.

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Have you been looking for the great and best place for joining the tournaments for games like Pubg, Free Fire, Pubg Lite, Clash Royals etc. If Yes then quickly dive in and be the star.

What Are You Waiting For?

As a gamer utilise your time into making real cash and make most of your talent

Presenting "The PathOr Leagues" 


PathOr Leagues is an android based platform to get the gamers like you at one place with lots of well organised tournaments for you! PathOr Leagues gives you the opportunity to select and join the matches organised at national, regional or international level. Where you can earn the huge designated prizes for sure.

Games We Have For You

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Over 400+ Players

So far now we have a very fantastic clans of gamers who are with us.


Easy and Simple to Use

A very simple and straightforward to use app to give you best matches


Easy & Quick PayOuts

We have from low to high based prizes and we pay the gamers daily 

Well See, How Everything Goes On?

Multi Games Matches

We have list of your favorite games like Pubg, Free Fire etc. with their tournaments well organised for you!

Realtime And Quick

Relatime Live joined players list instant tournamnet joining features helps you to get started without worrying.

Players From Multi Regions

Play with real and worldwide platers and enjoy the taste of winning.

Design out of the box

Our special UI is designed specially for gamers like you to make you feel like a premium one.

Awesome Reports

We provide you with each match results you played as well as with others too.

Instant Joining And Easy PayOuts

Select the game then dive into your favorite match and woooh yeah! here you go you'r in. As soon as the match results are declared we start our payouts to the champions

Be The Shining Star Among The Other Stars

You're daily performance gets you on our top 15 player's list and let you be a shining star.

Smart Notifications

From your match entries we notify you your match details like revelation of tournament's ID and Pass or the results declrations.

Get Features In Top 15 Players List Globally

We are waiting to see you in the top list!

Ahh! We are talking so much, let's get this into actions.

Let us show you this in action, we are waiting for YOU!

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Don't think too much and quickly dive into the world of tournaments .


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