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Welcome to Gaya's leading marketing and sales handling groups
We provide several services like software devlopment or programming, Website Devlopment, Logo Desiging, Classes and Courses for students. We have given the best services in website devlopment ,PathOr Groups ceo and founder Pranshu Ranjan has also been on platform like fiverr , where he has very high ratings and excellent customer feedback. Now we want our best services to reach to our local people, so we are here for you.
We have also great team to provide you other services like software devlopment, program writting, Phone software analysis, Digital Marketings.

  • PERFOMANCE - For past years our team has offered great service and has also wonderful user feedback.
  • ENGAGEMENTS - Our customers engagements are high as we offer the cheapest and yet best service in over of the Gaya region 
  • FLEXIBILITY - Customers belives on us for the great user customization and flexibility we provide in their projects.

Founders and Team

CEO,Chairman and Founder

Pranshu Ranjan

Hey , I welcome you here.
We are glad to see you

COO and Manager

Prakash Kumar

We are delighted to see you.

Senior Sales Manager and Supervisor

Hanzala Alam

Behalf of PathOr ,We welcome you 





When it comes to marketing we offer the best services in Gaya, we believe in YOUR success, therefore we strive hard to perform a very perfect campaign for your bussiness. Our excellent team has all that you need require to advertise and grow your business. Whether you have small or big bussiness, you have come to the perfect place to put yourself in the pace of growth. For more information check below


We have a great team of programmers which offers the best end services to our customers. We build user based fully customized softwares like - sales managment, inventory . Also we write computer programs in languages like C, C++, JAVA, PYTHON for the one who have difficuly or running out of time for their project submission or in any other case. We also provide customers support for their product and 7 days end support for the Program Writing. 


We provide the best coaching classes for courses like C, C++, JAVA, PYTHON, web development and Competitive Programming. We aim to give students the real taste of programming with enjoyment. Also, we respect our students time and hence we do not prefer unusual engagements for long, unlike other coaching classes. We promise you to give you the best classes experience and knowledge worth every single amount.

Digital Marketings

Programming and Devloment

Classes and Courses



Wacth our newly build most advanced digital assitant in Python.
The assistant with most views and demand on YouTube.
This assitant has all the feature to make you feel like a Tony Stark. Wide range of functions provided that can be found via paid services. We are sure you would love to have it, well then fill out our form and we will contact you very shortly!

We Offer Various Services

Website Devlopment

We offer very cheap website devlopment services with lots of bonus services. You can contact us for static or dynamic both type of website . We also build sales funnel sites for your niches , like high converting Landing pages. 

Software and App Devlopment 

We have our programmers team to build mini software for your personal of organistion. We have been in this field for 3 years and offer best cutsomer satisfaction with our support team. Our team offers very customized and user oreinted software devlopment.

Computer Progam Writing

Our Program writing services are for those who want to get their program wrriten from us in langauages like C++, Python,C,Java . Also they can approach us for any programming related query and their in hand solution. For more info clikc learn more 

Logo Desiging

Your personal branding or it's sort of organistaion , you need Logo. We at PathOr has very creative team to build your logo and publish it for you. 
We provide logo designing in corel draw or photoshop. Our creative team will provide the best logo for your bussiness.


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